Cory Ellis, Jerome Exupery

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Cory Ellis is a touch nervous today it’s the first video outing of the new year and he is partnered with one of our sexiest young men Jerome Exupery.

Jerome leads the way as he feels Cory’s crotch and finds a huge young uncut cock tenting his sexy undies.

As he unwraps his thick dick he moves his mouth up to the tip and swallows it right to the back of his throat.

Still, on tenterhooks, Cory relaxes as Jerome licks his hairy virgin asshole getting his tongue deep into his hole making it nice and wet for his big erect cock.

As Jerome enters the young dude’s bare asshole for the first time he’s super gentle using long slow strokes in and out.

Jerome’s pace quickens as Cory starts to grind his hole down onto Jerome’s thick dick they kiss briefly and Cory is close to orgasm as Jerome pumps away.

Cory shoots his first-ever load with a guy’s big cock inside him as Jerome shoots his jizz giving Cory a big cum facial.

The young Cory smiles as Jerome gives him a big hug.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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