Benoit Ulliel, Nate Donaghy

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Today we see young sexy Benoit Ulliel in his very first sex scene for Freshmen with Nate Donaghy taking him through the ropes.

In charge as the coach, Nate leans down and pulls off Benoit’s t-shirt revealing his super ripped six-pack abs.

The young guy’s lip’s meet briefly for a quick kiss as Nate reaches down and plays with Benoit’s huge crotch bulge tenting his jeans.

Nate then opens his mouth, unleashes Benoit’s massive erection before swallowing his throbbing dick all the way down to its base.

Benoit moans with pleasure at the feeling of another boy’s mouth on his cock.

Nate knows how to pleasure a dude’s dick and he blows Benoit getting his tongue up and down his shaft and into his foreskin, before polishing his big cockhead.

Benoit’s dick is rock solid pointing skywards like a rocket.

Nate then lies back as Benoit demonstrates how much he has already learned from the young master cocksucker.

He blows Nate’s dick showing he is a very fast learner.

Then as the two young guys spoon, Nate slips his thick hard dick between Benoit’s ass cheeks forcing his cock balls deep into his hole.

The ass fucking is intense and the sexy boys switch positions a number of times as Benoit gets used to having another guy’s cock in his ass.

He’s loving the feeling of Nate’s massive dick moving inside his hole.

Benoit can hold off no longer and with Nate’s cock deep in his ass, he blows a huge orgasmic cumshot across his abs with cum dripping down.

Nate continues to pump away for a few moments until he can hold off no longer and pulls out just as his cock erupts with multiple streams of hot boy jizz, coating Benoit’s freshly fucked hole.

The hottie young lovers kiss passionately to end their hot love-making session. Catch up with all Benoit Ulliel sex scenes also at Belami here and Nate Donaghy movies here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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