Derek Caravaggio, Cristiano Cruzo

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Newbie young stud Cristiano Cruzo knocks at the door to be answered by the sexy young muscle boy Derek Caravaggio.

As the door closes the guys make out kissing passionately as Derek undresses his young friend.

Cristiano kneels on the floor as he pulls down Derek’s sweatpants revealing a huge uncut boner.

It is more than Cristiano can take in his mouth as he gulps it down pressing the big erection to the back of his throat, with his tongue caressing the large mushroom cockhead.

Derek then returns the favor blowing Cristiano’s thick veiny dick before Cristiano takes back control rimming Derek’s hairy asshole.

This gets Derek gagging for more, and Cristiano’s slides his hefty cock deep into Derek’s ass hole, making him moan.

The guys fuck in a number of different positions each time Derek’s ass gets a good deep bareback fucking, until Cristiano is on the edge of his orgasm.

He pulls out just as he spurts his full jizz load all over Derek’s freshly fucked ass.

Cristiano then sucks Derek’s dick till he blows his load all over his tongue getting cum all over his hot sweet lips.

An amazing first time ass fuck from newbie Cristiano Cruzo.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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