Fistpack 25 – Junkyard Fist Dogs – RJ Danvers and Kain Warn

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It’s an upside down twisted world…RJ Danvers with his ass high in the air giving Kain full access to his waiting hole. Kain pours in a gallon of J-lube and within minutes Kain’s bare fist is inside his willing man puppet. Danvers spreads his cheeks wide because he wants more. Kain gives him what he wants and works his hole over and over until he’s open wide. Kain doesn’t miss an open opportunity as he continually plunges his fist like a slow moving pile driver down into the bowels of RJ’s gaping hairy ass. Kain works him over like a master. Danvers is a pig slut bottom. He pulls his legs back further and further begging for more and more. Kain uses both his hands as he further opens RJ’s greedy hole. Kain asks Danvers to push out, looking for the rosebud that he knows is there. Danvers complies and gives up a nice deep red one. Danvers can’t get enough and wants more of Kain’s fist. Kain complies and gives the hungry bottom what he’s asking for. Kain flips Danvers over to plow his ass from behind with his arm and fist until they both cum.

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