Fistpack 7 – Twist My Arm – Francois Sagat and Matthieu Paris

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Raging Stallion superstar exclusive François Sagat stars as thefeatured top in a sex club setting that pairs him with fellow FrenchmanMatthieu Paris. Matthieu is the hottest fisting bottom working in porntoday, with a hole that delivers the best possible action. If you havenot yet witnessed one of his performances, this movie must be part ofyour collection. François has a huge, muscular fist (one that fitsperfectly with his huge, muscular body!). Is it possible that Françoisis one of the hottest men on Earth? Do guys who look like him reallyget into this kind of super-hardcore action? You bet they do!!François has a fisting fetish, so we decided to make hisfantasy cum true– as much fisting as he could stand! Thefisting in this scene is perfect–deep (really getting into the elbowzone) and furious (super punching–enough to make even MatthieuParis squirm).And both dicks stayed rock hardfor the entire shoot! Director Chris Ward had this to say about thisscene: ‘One day in the future when I look back and select scenes toinclude as my all-time favorites, this one will stand at the top. As far asfisting goes, this is really the best scene I have ever directed–and Ihave directed lots of great ones!’

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