Fistpack 22 – Fists Away – Sky Devil and Ricky Sinz

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13698 04 01 - Fistpack 22 - Fists Away - Sky Devil and Ricky Sinz
Ricky Sinz is one mean motherfucker, so we knew we were going toget something over the top when we cast his fist against one of thebiggest ass holes on earth. Sky Devil was up for the challenge andtakes Ricky’s cock like a true stud. With each stroke, Ricky poundsdeeper and deeper in to Sky Devil, getting his hole ready for hisblack-clad fist. In a rare fisting role, Ricky Sinz takes real pleasure inopening up Sky Devil’s ass, exposing his beautiful big wet sloppy redhole. Fully prepped, Ricky strings Sky Devil up to get maximumpenetration. Alternating fists, Ricky punch fucks Sky’s ass into agaping maw, as thick ropes of glistening lube flow steadily to the floor.Finally, Ricky hoists Sky Devil over his shoulder, fist still held tight byDevil’s sphincter, before throwing him on his back for a finallypounding, culminating in an explosive cum shot all over Sky Devil’saching balls!

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