Calhoun Sawyer, Masyn Thorne

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Masyn Thorne is a lucky boy, today he’s together with ginger young stud Calhoun Sawyer who is giving him plenty of his sexy attention.

Calhoun’s inquisitive lips move slowly over Masyn’s smooth body, kissing, licking his nipples, and sucking down hard on his hardening cock.

Masyn returns the favor deepthroating his huge dick nestling amongst his red pubic hair bush.

But Calhoun still wants more, he stretches Masyn’s legs up so that he can rim Masyn’s ass, getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, licking wet his hot straight boy hole.

Masyn’s hole is lubed up and Calhoun presses home his erect cock till it is halfway in. Masyn asks him to slow down as he struggles to accommodate Calhoun’s full length.

Masyn tries one more time with him on top and slowly releasing his ass muscles around Calhoun’s thick dick. But he’s just too big and they decide to flip so Calhoun takes a cock instead.

This works much better as Calhoun’s ass is used to big cocks, he straddles Masyn his legs akimbo with Masyn’s dick pumping balls deep and slapping against Calhoun’s butt cheeks.

Calhoun grinds himself up and down taking every inch of Masyn’s hard meat. Then Masyn flips Calhoun onto his back and bareback fucks him hard until they both erupt with huge orgasms spraying cum all over themselves.

Calhoun cleans up licking Masyn’s dripping cock clean.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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