Casey Owens, Calhoun Sawyer

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Casey Owens and ginger stud Calhoun Sawyer start off getting naked on the bed, as they suck each others’ erect dicks.

Calhoun positions himself to the rear of young Casey, spreads his ass cheeks with both hands, rimming his hot hole getting him lubed up before forcing his raw thick dick deep inside.

As Calhoun’s erect cock fills up Casey’s bubble ass he moans loudly feeling every inch of his huge cock moving in and out of him.

Calhoun gives Casey’s fucked-open hole a break, rimming it some more before piercing that ass with his dick again.

Casey reaches down for his cock, stroking it quick as Calhoun fucks him, holding Casey’s legs apart so he can get balls deep in that hole.

Calhoun pumps his throbbing cock into Casey again and again until both these guys are cumming hard, finishing with a nice cumshot as they ride out the last of their orgasm.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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