Jos Alvarez, Calhoun Sawyer

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Jos Alvarez and Calhoun Sawyer make out kissing passionately when Calhoun reaches down into Jos’s tight underwear pulling his big soft cock free and sucking it down to the back of his throat.

Jos’s soft cock gets fully erect on Calhoun’s expert tongue, Jos returns the favor deep throating Calhoun’s huge cock.

Now with them both lying on the bed, the sexy boys 69 gagging on each other’s hard dicks with Jos giving some lip attention to Calhoun’s big cum filled balls.

Jos manages to take Calhoun’s huge erect dick deep in his ass on the second time of trying. His tight hole stretches just enough to let Calhoun pump him full.

But Jos’s ass needs some special attention after getting stretched to the brim with cock, so Calhoun licks that sore hole.

Rimming and running his wet tongue around Jos’s entrance, Calhoun works that ass before filling it up with his big dick again.

Jos moans but takes every inch as Calhoun pounds him, driving that cock in and out then turning Jos on his back to give him a good pounding.

Jos jerks his own member as he gets fucked raw until he nuts all over, then Calhoun pulls out and shoots his load onto Jos, covering that boy in hot cum.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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