Yannis Paluan, Olaf Mortensen

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Sexy ripped young dude Yannis Paluan and hot blonde stud Olaf Mortensen in just their underwear make out kissing on the bed and feeling each others’ tight bodies.

Yannis moves down and sucks Olaf’s small still soft uncut cock which is nestling in a hairy bush of public hair.

It gets harder as Yannis envelopes the full length in his mouth getting his tongue around the inside of his foreskin.

Yanni’s expert blowjob makes Olaf moan with pleasure as he licks the pink mushroom head.

As Olaf wanks his cock, Yannis uses his hands to open Olaf’s hairy ass cheeks running his tongue along his ass crack and getting his tongue deep into Olaf’s tight hole.

Then with Olaf on all fours on the bed, Yannis plunges his bareback cock into Olaf’s asshole moving in long strong strokes each time getting deeper and pressing harder.

Olaf moaning gets louder and more frequent as Yannis raw ass pummeling increases in intensity.

The sexy boys switch positions a number of times with Olaf pushing his ass back down hard onto Yannis’s throbbing bare dick until Olaf can hold off no more.

Olaf is first to spray cum all over his abs and chests before Yannis empties his balls blowing jizz all over Olaf’s ass hole before fucking his load back into Olaf’s freshly fucked hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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