Elio Chalamet, Sammy Poulain

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Hot young twink Elio Chalamet strips down to his sexy underwear and wanders into the bedroom where he finds young hottie Sammy Poulain lying on the bed waiting for him.

The two horny boys make out, kissing passionately. Elio Chalamet smothers his young lover’s hot body with sweet kisses as he moves down to his already rock-hard uncut dick.

Elio swallows hard and manages to deep throat Sammy’s erect cock all the way to the base, making him choke initially.

Grabbing Sammy’s balls tightly Elio blows Sammy in expertly long hard strokes from balls to mushroom head tip.

Sammy then returns the favor, licking Elio’s pink cockhead and running his tongue up and down Elio’s full dick length.

Then Elio pushes Sammy down onto the bed, missionary style, and forces his young uncut dick deep between Elio’s smooth ass cheeks.

His throbbing cock find’s Sammy’s hole and slides in all the way, Sammy cries out in pleasure.

He just loves the feeling of Elio’s huge erection moving inside his tight asshole, every inch he feels more on edge of orgasm, but he waits and holds off.

Elio can sense this and slows off a bit and then the couple changes positions, a few times.

Then with Sammy lying on his back, Elio pummels his bubble butt hard and fast whilst Sammy jerks his own cock hard.

Sammy is the first to orgasm, blowing jizz across his ripped abs, Elio licks it up.

Elio can hold off no longer and pulls out and coats Sammy’s ass hole with a huge load of cum, before fucking his cum back inside.

The two sexy boys come together for a final cummy kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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