Jack Harrer, Alan Mosca

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Today we find gorgeous young hunk Jack Harrer playing with a new camera trying to film sexy shirtless Alan Mosca.

Jack reaches out and grabs the outline of Alan’s huge erect cock through his jeans using it to pull him closer.

Playing along Alan unbuttons his jeans and his big thick throbbing uncut dick flops out as Jack grabs ahold of it and gives it a firm tug.

Alan then spins around pulling his jeans down to expose his beautifully smooth bubble butt and his slightly hairy ass crack.

The sexy young men then make out, kissing passionately before Jack lies back and Alan gets on his knees between Jack’s legs and sucks down hard on his big erection.

Alan is an expert cock sucker and swallows Jack’s thick uncut dick all the way until his balls are bouncing off his lips, making Jack moan with pleasure.

With a camera closeup, we see Alan really working his tongue washing Jack’s big cock head and getting the tip caught up in his thick foreskin.

Alan moves down further sucking Jack’s low hanging balls into his mouth, first one, then the other, gently massaging them in his warm moist mouth.

Jack then moves the camera as Alan gets onto all fours, on the couch his tight asshole ready for some action.

With Alan’s ass cheeks open wide, Jack runs his tongue up and down Alan’s ass before finding his tight pink hole and going deep inside.

Alan moans loudly as he feels Jack’s wet lips on his asshole and can feel his tongue flitting back and forth over his hole.

Jack forces his huge uncut cock deep into Alan’s butt hole in long strong strokes from tip to balls and back again.

Feeling Jack’s thickness stretching his hole quickly brings him close to orgasm but Jack is a pro and knows how to calm things down a touch and stop Alan from cumming just yet.

The sight of Jack’s huge knob splitting Alan’s ass wide open is just too horny and Alan holds on tight to the sofa with both hands.

Jack’s powerful anal onslaught continues with the hot couple switching positions every so often, each time Jack’s pulsating member gets deeper and harder into Alan’s hole.

After so much ass banging Alan can hold off no more and with Jack’s massive dick still deep inside, Alan blows a volley of cum shots across his abs making a fine cummy mess.

Seeing all this jizz, Jack pulls out and shoots his huge cum load directly into Alan’s freshly fucked asshole with drips down his ass.

The horny couple then embrace, for a final kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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