Nils Tatum, Bruce Querelle

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As the camera pans up we see Nils Tatum standing in just a pair of jeans with his muscular ripped body and wonderful six-pack abs as he reaches inside his underwear and touches his huge young dick.

Nils has a beautiful face and it really lights up the room when he smiles with that toothy grin. Simply divine.

Then as the camera moves away we see his super sexy partner Bruce Querelle come into view.

He drops to the floor as both guys demonstrate their pushups showing off their muscular bodies moving in tandem.

Then as they stand close to each other Bruce reaches behind and grabs ahold of Nils’s neck and pulls him in for a sweet kiss.

As Nils rubs his hands over Bruce’s upper torso Bruce looks up with a smoldering look that could melt your heart.

The kissing continues as Bruce removes Nils’s tight black Calvin Klein undies exposing Nils’s already rock-hard uncut cock and low-hanging ball sack.

Bruce’s own soft uncut dick jumps to attention sticking upright like a rocket.

Then with Nils standing and Bruce kneeling in front of him, Bruce opens his mouth and looks as if he might take a bite out of Nils’s huge cock.

Instead, he gently imbibes it swallowing it whole till it hits the back of his throat, gagging him for a moment or two, as Nils moans the sheer delight.

With the cameraman clicking away, the sexy young dudes turn away from us and show off their beautiful asses.

Both have peachy-perfect smooth butts and we can just spy Nils’s balls hanging between his legs.

Now Nils is lying face down on the chair and Bruce parts his ass cheeks with both hands so we get a look at Nils’s hot hole.

Finally, the boys sit back and jerk each other’s hot cocks before taking over themselves and spraying jizz all over as they both reach orgasm together. What a beautiful photoshoot video.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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