Phillipe Gaudin, Arne Coen

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Today the two young hotties Phillipe Gaudin and Arne Coen are sat out in the summer sun at a sidewalk restaurant drinking cocktails and flirting with each other. Both are massively attracted to each other.

Arne suggests they find somewhere quiet to be together without interruptions so they head off home and as soon as they arrive they start making out kissing passionately and stripping off each other’s clothes.

Phillipe unleashes Arne’s huge thick young dick and swallows it right to the back of his throat till his balls are on his lips, making him gag.

Arne then returns the favor blowing Phillipe and moaning loudly, all the while jerking his own erect cock.

With Arne on his hands and knees in doggie style position on the bed, Phillipe runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before plunging it deep into his tight young asshole.

Once Arne’s hole is fully lubed Phillipe presses his huge thick dick forcefully inside fucking him bareback with long rhythmic strokes.

Phillipe shows what an expert lover he is and Arne can feel his whole raw erect cock moving inside him making him more than once get close to orgasm.

Luckily Arne manages to hold off while they switch up positions each time Phillipe goes deeper and harder until both he and Arne can hold off no longer.

First Phillipe pulls out spraying Arne’s hole with his cum load before fucking his cum back inside as Arne jerks himself over the edge covering his sexy abs with his creamy jizz.

Both young men are totally sated and collapse into each other’s arms sealing their hot sex with a beautiful kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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