Maori Mortensen

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At a photoshoot taking place down on the beach Maori Mortensen pulls the back of his sexy red shorts down revealing his tight bubble butt with its blonde downy fur.

Good-looking ripped young Maori is fully relaxed in front of the camera as he raises his arms above his head revealing his armpits and rippling abs.

Maori rubs his hands down his slim muscled young body and reaches inside his shorts and touches his big soft uncut cock before dropping his shorts and giving us the first glimpse of his proud manhood with its thick foreskin covering his big cockhead.

His cock starts to grow as Maori touches his balls and pulls back the foreskin, his dick is now super erect, standing tall and upright like a rocket.

Maori’s dick has a bend in it towards his left but appears totally straight when fully erect.

As Maori poses against the pole we see his muscled back and as he grabs ahold of his ass cheeks we see also his pink asshole.

Not with him sat on the bend his bare feet splayed out in support, Maori jerks his big uncut dick in long deep strokes.

He swaps hands and wanks with his right hand then his left, his tight ball sack bouncing around between his legs.

Then his expression changes to one of intense concentration as he strokes his dick intensely picking up speed until he is very close to orgasm.

We see his body tense up before the end of his cock erupts in a huge burst of jizz, cum flowing down over his abs and through his fingers.

Maori looks into the camera with a gorgeous self-satisfied look, he needed that release.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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