Derek Caravaggio, Giulio Pasolini

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Sexy dark-haired young muscle boys Derek Caravaggio and Giulio Pasolini hold each other and stare into each other’s dark smoldering eyes.

They sensually stroke each other’s sexy muscular bodies and hairy bubble butts.

In just their white tight undies Derek’s moist lips meet Giulio’s and they make out kissing passionately.

Derek wraps his arms around Giulio’s waist pulling down his white underwear and feeling his muscular ass parting his cheeks and getting his finger into his hot boy hole.

Both young men are already sporting huge uncut erections and they play at sword fighting.

First Derek sucks down hard on Giulio’s big thick uncut dick before they switch and Giulio blows Derek taking his hard cock all the way down his deep throat till he chokes.

All the while Derek moans and enjoys the feel of Giulio’s tongue on his foreskin.

Derek then stands over Giulio as he swallows his dick again all the way to his balls.

They kiss again slowly and surely planting their sweet lips all over each other’s hot bodies.

Then they lie back next to each other side by side jerking and sucking until both young men are on the edge of orgasm.

First to blow is Giulio who fires off volley after volley of streaming jizz across his six-pack abs.

He is followed by Derek who’s relaxed wanking bring him slowly to the point of no return.

Derek then slows down further, breathing heavily as he jerks his long thick uncut cock blowing cum all over his ripped young body with a huge load spraying out in all directions and dripping down from his hand.

The two sexy young men lie in each other’s arms savoring the moment of intimacy for just a moment longer.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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