Carlos Effort, Andrei Karenin

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Andrei Karenin teaches Carlos Effort all the good things he has learned during his time at Belami.

He compliments Carlos and kissing him passionately all over and licks his shaved armpits as he makes his way down his sexy body to his thick already hard uncut dick.

Carlos lies back his six-pack abs rippling as he can’t get enough of Andrei’s super balls deep blowjob.

Andrei turns him around so that he has a good view of Carlos’s smooth bubble butt. He gets his tongue in deep and kisses and caresses his ass crack and hole.

Andrei then slides down and kisses the soles of Carlos’s feet which Carlos loves.

Then he is back up to his asshole, probing it with his fingers and opening it up ready for his big thick cock.

Carlos then relaxes as Andrei presses his dick all the way into his tight ass, in long rhythmic strokes.

They fuck in multiple different positions, each time Andrei’s dick getting deeper and more forceful in his raw ass fucking.

Andrei can hold off no longer and he sprays his hot cum load all over Carlos’s bubble butt, before fucking the cum back into his ass hole.

Carlos Effort and Paul Cassidy enjoy another hot raw fucking over at our sister site here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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