Kirk Gauguin, Viggo Sorensen

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Sexy young stud Kirk Gauguin wanders into the apartment office to find a hot new stud, Viggo Sorensen, behind his laptop editing the latest Belami video.

Kirk is feeling very horny and wants to experience sex with the new guy.

Viggo doesn’t take much persuading and they are soon hot-footing it to the sofa.

The guys undress quickly and Kirk makes short work stripping off his Viggo’s jeans until he is lying there stark naked with his big thick uncut dick already sporting a huge boner.

Then Viggo lies back as Kirk swallows the full length of his hard erection.

Kirk is an expert cock sucker and he knows how to please a guy rubbing his tongue repeatedly over Viggo’s sensitive cockhead.

He swallows Viggo’s full length till it hits the back of his throat with his cum filled balls on his lips.

Kirk stands and lets his shorts fall to his ankles as Viggo goes in to kiss and caress his long uncut cock.

Viggo chokes it all the way in and slides his lips all the way out giving Kirk a huge horny sensation.

At this rate Kirk won’t be able to hold off his orgasm too long but then Viggo loosens his grip slightly and his balls relax a little.

Viggo kneels in front of Kirk showing off his cute bubble butt and bare soles of his feet.

With Viggo lying flat on the sofa, wanking his own erect cock, Kirk rubs his tongue up and down Viggo’s smooth ass cheeks until his tongue finds his hot hole and presses the tip inside.

Kirk rims Viggo’s asshole getting his lubed up for his big thick young uncut dick.

Then with Viggo hovering over Kirk’s erection, he slides his hole down forcibly onto Kirk’s rock solid dick controlling the length and force of each, in and out, stroke.

Kirk supports Viggo’s bubble ass cheeks with his hands as Viggo’s vice-like ass muscles tighten around Kirk’s rampant dick.

With the feeling of Kirk’s huge dick moving inside him Viggo can no longer hold off and he sprays a huge load of cum all over his ripped abs as he moans loudly.

The sight and sound of Viggo’s orgasm make Kirk pull out of Viggo’s hole and explode a huge cum shot all over Viggo’s asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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