Andrei Karenin, Kirk Gauguin

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On a beautiful summer’s day Andrei Karenin and Kirk Gauguin are jogging around the local park giving their ripped bodies some well-needed exercise.

Kirk removes his t-shirt showing Andrei how he keeps his six-pack abs in shape and Andrei can’t help feeling horny at the sight of his rippling muscles.

When they arrive home they shower together washing off the sweat from their run and making out, kissing and fondling each other as the water rains down.

The sexy boys continue their kissing and canoodling as they stand naked in the living room of their apartment.

Kirk falls to his knees and sucks down hard on Andrei’s big thick uncut dick getting it right to the back of his deep throat.

Andrei loves the feeling of Kirk’s wet tongue and sweet lips on his cock as he slides it in and out of his mouth.

With Kirk lying on the floor, Andrei returns the favor blowing Kirk’s big uncut cock and getting his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk moans with growing excitement as Andrei is an expert cocksucker.

They switch places and Kirk runs his tongue deep between Andrei’s ass crack finally hitting home with the tip of his tongue directly on his hot boy hole.

Then without any warning, Kirk presses his huge erection deep into Andrei’s raw asshole.

Kirk pummels Andrei’s hot hole forcing his throbbing cock deeper and harder with each thrust.

Andrei quickly gets close to orgasm and several times almost loses control, but Kirk expert fucking manages to stop his lover from cumming too quickly.

They switch positions a number of times as Andrei just loves to feel Kirk coming at his ass from different directions.

Then as Kirk power fucks Andrei he can hold off no longer and stands up and fires off a volley of cum shots all over Kirk’s face and open mouth, giving him a cum facial.

Kirk licks up all of Andrei’s jizz before wanking his own dick hard, cumming right into Andrei’s mouth.

Finally, the two horny boys swap a cummy kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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