Ashton Montana, Jeremy Robbins

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We catch Ashton Montana on his laptop jerking his huge uncut dick with a mystery man when disaster strikes, the internet connection drops and he loses his erection.

Luckily for him young stud Jeremy Robbins walks into the room with a huge boner tenting his shorts.

The two sexy boys start making out, kissing passionately as Ashton rubs Jeremy’s thick dick before he falls to his knees and sucks Ashton’s already hardening uncut cock to the back of his throat.

Jeremy is an expert cock sucker and he holds tightly to the length jerking it as he sucks it down, increasing the intensity for Ashton.

The guys switch up positions with Jeremy lying flat on the sofa with Ashton placing his hot asshole directly over Jeremy’s inquisitive tongue.

He licks Ashton’s ass crack getting his lips and tongue deep, rimming his hole, making him moan loudly.

Now that Ashton’s bubble butt is full lubed Jeremy shoves his thick young dick home hard in stong rhythmic strokes.

The bareback ass fucking continues with Jeremy picking up the pace, as Ashton feels every inch of that monster cock moving inside him.

Ashton cannot get enough of this anal onslaught and pushes his ass down hard onto Jeremy’s throbbing dick.

Jeremy takes over jerking Ashton as his hard raw dick continues to fuck his hole till Ashton can hold off no longer and he reaches orgasm spraying his full jizz load all over his chest and abs.

Jeremy pulls out and quickly cums with his jizz firing all over Ashton’s freshly fucked asshole before Jeremy sticks his wet cock back in fucking the jizz back inside Ashton.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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