Colton Reece, Pietro Duarte

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After a restless night in the picturesque mountain ski village Colton Reece heads downstairs to the hotel bar for a drink but he walks in on two sexy dudes fucking on a bar stool.

Now feeling horny himself, Colton heads outdoors to find some hot sex for himself.

As he arrives in the first bar, Colton bumps into hottie Latino Pietro Duarte who is sat at the bar drinking quietly.

The two men kiss passionately and as they lock lips, they feel each others’ rock hard ripped muscular bodies.

Pietro falls to his knees and unleashes Colton’s huge thick soft dick from his jeans and sucks it down.

Colton’s dick immediately becomes super erect standing proud like a rocket.

Pietro opens his mouth wide, sucking it back till it chokes the back of his throat and Pietro’s balls are on his lips.

Turning Colton around Pietro parts his smooth muscled ass cheeks and licks his ass crack with his tongue before pressing it deep in his hot hole.

With his ass hole fully lubed with spit, Pietro sits down hard on Colton’s huge erection taking control in cowboy style, forcing Colton’s dick balls deep.

Pietro can feel every solid inch of Colton’s thick dick moving inside him as he moans loud and long, the intensity of his pleasure plain for all to see.

Showing no mercy, Colton relentlessly raw fucks the bottom stud and stretches out his tight hole.

Still the only two in the bar, Colton sits back on a bench to let Pietro ride his fat cock bareback.

Switching positions one last time, Pietro ends up on his back getting a full cum load fucked out of him as Colton shoots a thick volley of jizz all over Pietro.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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