Logan Stevens, Johnny Ford

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Johnny Ford is in the workshop searching for a tool he had yesterday.

Logan Stevens comes in and undoes his pants and says, “You mean this tool from yesterday?”

Johnny seeing Logan’s huge thick cock drops to his knees and engulfs the whole length of Logan’s long cock.

Logan turns Johnny around strips off his jeans exposing his white jockstrap ass hole.

He gets his tongue in deep between Johnny’s tight ass cheeks. Rimming his hole good.

Once his hole is nice and lubed with saliva, Logan pushes his big thick cock into Johnny’s waiting hole.

Logan starts off slow but gradually turns it up to an all-out, relentless pounding of Johnny’s asshole.

Going ass to mouth, Johnny gets down and deepthroats the cock that was just deep inside of him.

With Johnny on his stomach, Logan gets behind and mounts up again, drilling Johnny’s prostate as he fucks down into him.

After a few more intense exchanges, Johnny lays back to let Logan drill some more until he covers his ass with cum.

When Logan shoves the load back in, Johnny goes over the edge and nuts on his abs.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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