Casey Jacks, Sean Maygers

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Sexy muscle dude Sean Maygers finishes off in the shower and as he steps back he notices that horny young stud Casey Jacks is in his house looking for some fun.

Casey is supers surprised to see Sean’s big thick dick is already sporting a raging hard-on and he drops to his knees and sucks it right to the back of his deep throat, gagging on it as Sean’s huge cock chokes him.

They move to the back garden where Casey continues his work blowing Sean’s massive cock and licking with his low-hanging balls.

When Sean is rock-hard, he returns the favor taking Casey’s big dick down his throat.

After a quick taste, Sean bends the young stud over to eat his hairy hole and open him up for the stretching he’s about to receive.

Neither hunk can hold off any longer and Casey begs Sean to slam his massive dick deep into his open hole.

He fucks his huge dick in and out at a fast pace until Casey demands to sit on it.

Sean lays down so the young stud can hover over his dick and force his hole onto it.

He rides Sean’s massive meat up and down, pushing himself to the limits, his hole taking a rampant battering but still, he manages to keep going.

Sean switches things up one last time getting Casey on his back.

Another round of ass pummeling and Casey is on the edge of his orgasm and is ready to blow.

Without warning, he fires off blast after blast of hot cum all over his own furry patch of pubes.

The sight of Casey getting off is all it takes for Sean to follow suit as he drops his load all over Casey’s face and tongue.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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