Malik Delgaty, Dale Kuda

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Young big muscle boy Malik Delgaty is on a trip to visit his sexy bearded stepbro Dale Kuda at his home out of town.

Dale is being punished by his father and he’s been locked in his bedroom for two days with nothing to do but jerk off day and night.

As he explains his predicament to Malik, Malik sighs saying, “Don’t talk to me about sex. I haven’t shot my load in ages.”

Dale tells him to go-ahead and wank all you like.

So whilst Dale is on the top bunk, Malik strokes his huge dick.

Dale then pushes his sock puppet through a hole in the bunk bed for his stepbro to cum in, but even after a load so big it leaks on Dale’s face, Malik is still horny.

He pokes his cock down through the hole and Dale sucks it, then comes down to fuck the bottom superman style.

The guys try to be quiet as they fuck missionary, but they must be making a racket as Dale jizzes in the sock while getting pounded in doggy style because just as Malik cums all over Dale’s ass, his stepdad catches them.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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