Blaze Austin, Michael Jackman

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Michael Jackman and Blaze Austin are nurses at a busy downtown hospital who are relaxing a bit after a very heavy day.

Together they have made it through and as they stand close together behind the nurse’s station they lean forward and start kissing passionately.

Blaze drops his scrubs and bends over offering up his bubble ass to Michael who fucks him doggy style.

That is until a tired doctor barges in looking to catch some shut-eye. Oops.

Blaze quickly gets into the bottom bunk and Michael hides under the blanket so he can suck Blaze’s dick as the doctor is none the wiser.

Once the other man is ensconced in the top bunk, Michael fucks the bottom spoon, and the guys even risk some doggy style before Blaze rides Michael’s cock and takes a big facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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