JJ Knight, Jack Hunter, Chris Damned

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Married muscle hunk Chris Damned and his new wife are celebrating the birthday of his best buddy Jack Hunter.

They’ve thrown him an impromptu party but Chris has an idea for a present that perhaps his wife isn’t so happy about, his big thick dick.

They both sneak away to the bathroom so Jack can help him with his huge erection, but his wife insists on dragging him back to the party.

As she’s distracted chatting with JJ Knight, Chris flirts with Jack, squeezing the bottom’s lush ass, then bends him over the counter and fucks him.

Jack gets down behind the island to suck Chris’s cock, and the guys sneak off to the bedroom where Chris penetrates Jack on the bed.

JJ follows the sound of their moaning and sneaks in as Chris is fucking Jack piledriver, getting it on video.

Jack rides Chris till he cums, and the guys try to sneak back to the party, but JJ stops Chris and shows him the evidence.

They head to the bathroom, where Chris sucks JJ’s big dick… till Jack comes looking for them and they invite him to join them.

JJ fucks Jack doggy style as he sucks Chris’s cock, then both tops cum all over the bottom’s face and in his mouth.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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