Joey Mills, Reese Rideout

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Its panic stations at the airport as sexy young twink Joey Mills and his ‘girlfriend’ rush up to the gate to be met by horny ripped hunk Reese Rideout the always smiling customer service agent.

“You’re late!”, announces Reese as he winks at Joey.

“I’m sorry but you’ve missed the flight,” happy that he gets to flirt with Joey for a while longer now.

As the GF makes for a seat with her eye mask on, Joey gets behind the counter on his knees with his lips wrapped around Reece’s hung thick dick.

Joey sucks Reece swallowing his long erect cock right to the back of his throat, choking as it hits home.

Reece returns the favor blowing Joey’s young hard dick, just as GF catches them at it and runs off screaming.

Joey is not fazed, he sticks around lowering his pants to let Reece get his tongue deep within his ass crack rimming his hot boy hole.

Reece forces his huge cock into Joey’s tight asshole getting balls deep in the young stud’s bubble butt.

Joey moans loudly as he feels every inch of Reece moving inside him, as Reece pummels his hole.

They switch up positions with Joey’s sore butt hole getting a hard bareback ass fucking in doggy style and piledriver.

Joey can’t control himself any longer, he blows a huge cum load all over his chest and abs.

At the sight of so much jizz Reece pulls out and orgasms showering Joey’s hole with his creamy cum, before fucking his load back inside his freshly fucked boy hole.

The two collapse exhausted in each others’ arms their sexual mores sated for now.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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