Derek Reed, Lucas Ellis

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Muscular blue-eyed Brazilian dude Lucas Ellis is here for his first-ever scene on camera and he doesn’t sound nervous at all as he lists off what he likes in sex.

Lucas is by nature a very sensual sexual person who is totally into experiencing all the new things that life offers.

Lucas need not worry as he is partnered with sexy bearded young stud Derek Reed.

Derek is jovial and always happy and smiling and can’t believe his luck that he will be the first to break in this new gay porn recruit.

The two hot men start making out, kissing passionately as they strip naked, and feel each other’s bodies with their hands, while their big cocks are soft.

With Lucas on all fours, Derek gets his hairy face deep between Lucas’s smooth brown ass cheeks opening up his asshole for later. Lucas moans loudly as his tongue rims his moist hole.

Lucas then sucks down hard on Derek’s big dick swallowing the full length from till to balls.

Derek then forces his hard erect cock into Lucas’s bubble butt pushing in and out in a rhythmic ass pummelling which Lucas loves.

They switch up positions a few times this time Lucas is in control, on top and grinding his hot hole onto Derek’s thick dick.

Lucas pulling far enough away so as to feel Derek’s big cock head on the entrance of his ass before pressing firmly backward so Derek’s cock slide back again without stopping.

Lucas then gets on all fours on the bed to take Derek’s big dick nice and deep, then rides it before the guys 69.

Young hottie Lucas enjoys Derek’s cock so much, that he gets to orgasm and fires off a volley of cum shots with his thick load spraying everywhere before Derek pulls out to his jizz all over Lucas’s bare ass before fucking the cum back inside him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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