Dante Colle, Nate Grimes

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Sexy bearded hunk and professional removal man Dante Colle is delivering the boxes to his cute young customer Nate Grimes.

As Nate is bending over opening a package Dante catches an eyeful of the young Nate’s hot bubble butt through his pants.

Nate surprises Dante and catches him in the act. “Yes, that box goes in the bedroom,” replies Nate.

Dante trips as he enters the bedroom sending the contents flying all over the floor.

It is Nate’s sex toy box and the room is now covered in different sized dildos.

Dante plays with the wobbly rubber dicks pretending to deep throat one and flashing the another from his pants.

He’s getting horny and starts to suck on a huge dildo whilst feeling his soft cock getting hard with his hand in his crotch.

Dante pulls out his big almost erect dick and starts to jerk off, all the while licking and caressing the plastic dick.

Nate returns and finds Dante’s big cock sticking out from the bottom of the box. He sucks down hard giving Dante a balls deep blowjob.

Nate sits on Dante’s cock before telling the top to fuck him with the massive dildo, and Dante can’t believe his eyes as the power bottom’s hole swallows the whole thing.

That hole is still nice and tight when Dante fucks Nate doggy style and piledriver, and soon Dante has Nate cumming before finishing off with a hot facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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