Kristian Bresson, Nikk Lanier

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Newbie Freshmen Kristian Bresson and Nikk Lanier lie on the sofa making out kissing passionately.

Nikk slides Kristian’s pants down releasing his bouncy fully erect big uncut dick, and he quickly wraps his lips around Kristian’s huge mushroom cockhead.

He deep throats the full length of Kristian’s hard cock making him moan loudly with pleasure.

Now with Kristian on all fours, Nikk pumps his cock into Kristian’s willing mouth with Kristian’s lips clamping down hard increasing the sensation massively.

Then with Nikk backed up with his ass outstretched Kristian’s tongue goes to work rimming his hot boy hole while jerking Nikk’s dick all the while.

Nikk’s ass is fully lubricated and ready to receive Kristian.

Nikk then breathes deeply as Kristian pushes his huge erection between Nikk’s ass cheeks and deep into his warm asshole, balls deep.

They switch up positions now with Nikk on top, hovering over Kristian’s huge cock and guiding his butt hole down so that Kristian enters his hole before forcing himself down hard onto it.

Nikk keeps up a steady rhythm enjoying feeling every thick inch of Kristian’s horned-up tool moving inside him.

He manages to hold off from cumming a few times and Kristian senses that and slows down briefly before increasing the pace again.

When Kristian finally pummels his raw asshole from behind, his balls slapping loudly against his hot ass cheeks Nikk quickly loses control and sprays a volley of cumshots across his abs and chest.

Kristian keeps up the power fucking until he is ready to orgasm, pulling out then firing off a creamy cum load over Nikk’s dick before reaching in for a post fuck kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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