Steven Lee, Nick Fitt

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It is always exciting when complete strangers fuck.

It is always fun and stimulating but is the sex hot or is the experienced totally fucked up.

These thoughts flashed through Nick Fitt’s mind as the sexy delivery boy Steven Lee walks up to the door with a package.

Steven feels the overt sexual energy that Nick is giving off the moment he opens the door.

Steven’s crotch immediately feels some tension as his soft cock reacts.

After a moment’s hesitation, the two sexy hunks start making out at the door, kissing passionately.

The guys move to the couch as Nick rips open his pants and feeds his huge dick into Steven’s willing mouth.

The sexy duo suck each others’ huge dick then Nick uses his hand to part the delivery boy’s ass cheeks getting his tongue deep into his hot hole.

Steven soon returns the favor, and after warming Nick up with a finger, Nick begs for Steven to deliver his ‘huge package’ inside him.

Steven stuffs his massive cock doggy-style into Nick’s hole bareback using only spit for lube.

Staying inside, Steven grabs Nick and falls back on his back so Nick can take a ride on Steven’s rock-hard dick.

Finishing on his back so he can watch his delivery boy pound his hole, Nick busts his hot load all over himself as Steven edges before pulling out to deliver a load of his own all over Nick’s stomach and chest.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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