Cade Maddox, Troy Accola

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They say that makeup sex is the best.

Argumentative boyfriends Cade Maddox and Troy Accola have been fighting one too many times recently that it is starting to get a bit boring.

After another verbal tongue lashing Troy ups sticks and walks away, but Cade is not content to let the dust settle.

He can feel the rage inside him pulsing through his body, but he finds that this makes him feel super horny.

Cade grabs ahold of Troy and tosses him onto the bed. He sees Troy’s exposed ass and feels the need to punish him taking all his aggression out with a hard ass pounding.

Cade goes in for the kill, eating Troy’s smooth pink asshole, getting his tongue deep into his moist crack.

Troy loves that feeling so much that he forgets their argument and he grinds his ass against Cade’s hardening dick which is tenting his grey sweatpants.

Troy unleashes Cade’s thick dick and swallows it all the way to his balls. Gagging on the monster meat.

Cade in a moment of utter sexual frenzy flips Troy over getting to taste his hot hole urging his sexy blonde BF to sit on his dick and ride him.

That’s a ride Troy won’t forget because Cade aggressively delivers a rage pounding to Troy’s hole reverse cowboy.

Troy flips around, and Cade pounds away from his pent-up aggression on Troy’s hole, leading to him squirting his hot load all over his ripped abs.

This turns Cade on so much, he pumps harder and faster, pulling out just in time to add to the puddle on Troy’s abs and balls, and Troy cleans up the rest with his tongue.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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