Assistant – Teddy Bryce and Liam Aries

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Liam is being interviewed by Teddy for a new job as his assistant. Liam claims to know exactly what to do without any training. Once Teddy hears Liam boasting about how good he is at his job he stands up and unzips his pants right in front of his face. Without any hesitation Liam wraps his eager little mouth around his, possibly, new boss’s hard throbbing cock. Teddy fucks his faced deep and hard making him gag and drool all over the ground. Teddy man handles Liam and pushes him over to a chair where he bends him over and rims him deep and hard. Teddy spits in Liam’s mouth and then they make out. Liam wants his ass pummeled so Teddy straps up and pushes his hard dick deep into Liam making him squirm with how hard his cock is. Teddy fucks him hard balls deep seeing how much Liam can take from his big cock. Liam screams for more as Teddy switches positions and has him ride his cock. Liam rides his shaft up and down until Teddy is ready to explode. Teddy has Liam get on his knees and Teddy blasts a huge load all over Liam’s face and has him lick the cum up off his pants as well. Liam then fucks Teddy’s face until he shoots his load deep down his boss’s throat. Enjoy!

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