Punished – D Arclyte and Danny Gunn

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69437 01 01 - Punished - D Arclyte and Danny Gunn
It’s been a long work day for Arcylte and he told his foster son Danny to make sure his room was clean by the time he got back home from work. Right when Arclyte walks into Danny’s room he can see that Danny hasn’t moved a finger and is instead watching porn on his laptop. D is pissed and starts throwing Danny’s clothes around while yelling at him until he grabs a huge dildo and to his surprise realizes what Danny has been doing instead of cleaning his room. Danny apologizes but Arclyte has other ideas for him and pushes him back down on the bed and spreads his legs wide so he can bury his face between his smooth ass. D spends some quality time rimming Danny’s sweet tasty ass until Danny gets up on his knees to worship his foster Dad’s hard cock. They swap BJs, deep throating one another until D is ready to fuck that tight ass. D pushes his throbbing cock slowly into Danny’s ass and once balls deep he starts to fuck him slow at first and then fast. Danny gets fucked all over the bedroom until he pulls his dick out and cums all over Danny’s smooth chest. Arclyte finishes Danny off by sucking out his built up load and swallowing every single drop. Enjoy!

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