Dirty Scout 211

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This young cutie was a huge sports fan. He played football and hockey and even dabbled in martial arts.

I saw potential in the man and offered him a position at a company selling sports merchandise. The guy was all over the job.

Who wouldn’t like a big salary and a company car, right? All that time I was simply hypnotized by his beautiful eyes. I just couldn’t help it.

The guy was so adorable and only 20 years old. I wanted to gently introduce him into my world.

I wanted to play with his cock, suck it even… I had to have the guy and I went for it. He was nervous, no man had ever touched him like I did.

Using my dick pump didn’t help much so I calmed him down with my mouth and throat.

Now I just had to carefully penetrate his tight virgin ass. I was so afraid he might run away.

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See Dirty Scout 211 here!

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