Chase Daniels

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Boys says: Newbie Chase Daniels joins us on BSB and this 29-year-old cutie grew up in Massachusetts.

He usually makes money doing property management, but running into some hard times he’s decided to cash in on his good looks and big dick.

Stripping down, Chase shows off his hairy tattoo-free physique before reclining back on the bed and making himself comfortable.

Pulling out his cock, he lubes it up and runs his fingers up and down it, working that shaft as it grows harder and longer with each stroke of his hand.

His gives his impressively long prick a break as he sneaks a finger down in his ass and plays with himself there.

He toys with his entrance, teasing himself before turning his attention back to his pulsing cock and jerking it some more.

As he brings himself closer to orgasm, his muscles tense and his breath catches in his throat until he finally shoots a nice load for you!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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