Reece Anderson

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I have one of the best gay porn jobs meeting and photographing as I have hundreds of beautiful young men.

I am always made up when one guy from the past drops by to say hello.

That is what happened to 21-year-old Reece Anderson who first posed for me 3 years ago.

We lost touch as he moved to the countryside but now he is back.

Reece has really changed, he’s all grown up and I love the hairy cheeks.

Reece was dying to have a go in the hot tub and had stripped his clothes halfway off before I knew what was happening.

Reece is always fun to shoot with and was one of the most requested shoot partners by our mates.

That’s why he appears in a lot of my couple videos in the past. Now I can’t wait to get him back for more.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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