Fistpack 16 – Hand It Over – Billy Ryder and Quixote Brandon

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Two beautiful boys take the stage: BILLY RYDER and QUIXOTE BRANDON. BILLY’s supple body, framed in a black leather harness and black jockstrap, is too tempting for QUIXOTE’s limber wrists and hands. QUIXOTE slips on a couple of black latex gloves, shines them up with creamy lube, and plunges them into BILLY’s boy-sized ass. BILLY loves to coax QUIXOTE on, asking for more and more probing and pushing until QUIXOTE’s hands slide in and out of BILLY’s ass like a knife through warm buddah. BILLY’s hole is hungry, to be sure. QUIXOTE coaxes a hot load out of BILLY and then BILLY returns the favor, teasing QUIXOTE’s own smooth dark ass with a butt plug, sending a load out of QUIXOTE’s stiff cock.

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