FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department – Brian Bonds and Dale Savage and Josh Mikael

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Now the tables are turned, and it’s repeat offender Josh Mikael’s turn to punish the officers of the law. Sergeant Dale Savage bends over and wraps his lips around fellow officer Brian Bond’s rod while Josh glides his fist into the Sergeants hole. Josh shows Dale no mercy, fist punching his tight hole to stretch it open. When it’s Brian’s turn to take Josh’s fist, he holds his leg up on the desk to give Josh and his thick fist full access to his insides. After Brian has been stretched, both cops get on all fours on the desk to get plunged by Josh’s hands. Josh fist fucks both pigs deep, making them spread their ass’ apart to let Josh achieve maximum depth. Dale and Brian push back on the fisting criminals hefty hands before squatting down to ride him down to the wrist. It’s time to make the piggies squeal so Brian and Dale lay back spread eagle to take a few more plunges from Josh’s fists until each cop erupts with a thick load all over their heaving bodies. Josh thinks he’s earned his freedom but Brian and Dale have other plans. They lock Josh up naked right after having their holes busted and throw away the key.

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