Get Your Sweat On – Toby Springs and Colt Rivers

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24308 01 01 - Get Your Sweat On - Toby Springs and Colt Rivers
Toby is getting ready for a hard workout when his buddy Colt walks in after his long gym workout. Colt is pumped up and super sweaty but Toby is stoked to see him and they give each other a big hug. Toby gets a good whiff of Colt’s body odor and takes a step back to take it all in. They both stare at one another as the awkward silence kicks in but the smell gets even heavier. Colt knows he loves that man smell so he grabs Toby’s face and rubs it into his sweaty armpit. Toby can’t get enough of the smell so he drops to his knees and starts blowing Colt’s sweaty cock and balls. He smells every orifice that his buddy has to offer including his sweaty ass. Whiff after whiff even while Toby fucks Colt hard and deep the aroma is so intense that Toby blasts a warm load all over his friend’s wet damp chest. Enjoy!

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