News Flash On Campus – Logan Vaughn and Shane Jacobs

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Shane and Logan are reporting from campus grounds about rumors of a secret fraternity. Rumors have started to circulate around campus about this infamous group and both of these sexy college studs want to get the full scoop on the situation. Once the news flash is filmed and cut has been called they both sit down to discuss their own opinions about what could be going on at the secret fraternity. After a few discussions Shane starts to become horny and begins to rub Logan’s thigh and he wants to see his cock. Logan pulls down his pants and Shane sucks his dick right on down. They both swap some messy BJs and then Logan bends him over the desk and fucks him good and hard. Once they bust nuts all over the place they get a call that the secret fraternity is in the middle of a ritual and they both rush off the set with cum still fresh and dripping.


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