Torsten Ullman, Nils Tatum

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Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum steal away from the beautiful sunshine beach to a shady quiet spot on the veranda unseen by passersby.

Super horny Torsten can’t get enough of Nils and he smothers him in kisses, first on the lips then slowly down his ripped body, until he reaches his beach shorts.

Torsten sucks down hard on Nils’s huge uncut cock, really working his tongue into his foreskin and twisting his big mushroom cockhead.

As Nils’ leans forward looking like a Greek god, Torsten licks his bubble butt asshole running his tongue along his ass crack and getting it deep into his hot hole.

Then as Nils braces, Torsten gently forces his big uncut dick between Nils’s smooth ass cheeks, bareback fucking him and making him moan with pleasure.

Torsten is an expert lover and he applies just the right amount of pressure to move his slick dick in and out of Nils’s tight ass till he is in right to the hilt.

Nils then takes control sucking Torsten’s thick uncut cock before Torsten enters Nils’s hole once more.

This time Nils is on top guiding his asshole neatly up and down onto Torsten’s huge erect dick in cowboy position as Torsten’s breathing becomes heavy and so does Nils.

They are both getting close to orgasm, one more position change and Torsten is back in full control.

Torsten then blows his load spraying his jizz all over Nils’s bare asshole before fucking the cum back inside as Nils ejaculates firing off a volley of cumshots covering himself in his own love juices.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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