Pip Caulfield, Fabien Jacq

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One of the many things we know about Pip Caulfield is his deep-seated insatiable love of big twink dicks.

But today in something of a reversal of roles he manages to sneak in on Fabien Jacq and get him away from Kevin for a little Pip private love training.

It seems that we’ve found the perfect pairing as both Pip and Fabien are short, they are two of the shortest guys we have and they have slim ripped physiques.

And not to forget their big twink dicks. Together they look absolutely adorable.

It hard not to get take unawares with their utter cuteness but we should remember that both young boys have huge sexual appetites as boy their age always do.

Pip wastes no time here today in initiating Fabien into the shenanagins… Maybe one day he’ll give him back to Kevin to complete the training.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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