Kirk Gauguin, Joaquin Arrenas

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Joaquin Arrenas picks up Kirk Gauguin and throws him on the bed, Joaquin wanted to just cut to the fucking but Kirk wants to enjoy all the foreplay first.

Kirk just loves to start off slow making out, kissing, and sucking before moving on to the main event.

Joaquin already has a huge boner tenting his shorts and his hand moves down to Kirk’s tight sexy undies to feel his soft cock.

As Joaquin kisses Kirk his huge soft dick immediately springs up to attention, and he is soon sporting a huge erection.

As Kirk lies back Joaquin’s wet lips move down his ripped body until his mouth envelopes Kirk’s big thick uncut cock.

He swallows Kirk’s dick right to the back of his throat in long deep strokes until his balls are banging against his chin.

Kirk writhes and moans with pleasure as Joaquin’s mouth and tongue work their magic, Kirk is now horny as hell.

The hot boys switch places with Kirk going down on Joaquin sucking his long thick uncut cock working his tongue around his thick foreskin.

Kirk parts Joaquin’s ass cheeks with both hands and gets his tongue in deep, rimming his hot hole getting it wet for his big dick.

Then without warning Kirk plunges his raw uncut cock deep into Joaquin’s tight asshole bareback fucking him hard and deep.

They switch up positions with Joaquin on top hovering over Kirk’s dick taking control of the anal fucking and grinding his ass down harder feeling Kirk moving inside him.

A few more position changes and Joaquin is on the edge of orgasm and he can hold off no longer. With Kirk still plugging away at his bare ass Joaquin cums spraying jizz all over his ripped chest and abs.

This makes Kirk pull out and blow a huge load all over Joaquin’s ass before he fucks the cum back in Joaquin much to his delight.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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