Peter Annaud, Sven Basquiat

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Today we are with cameraman Jerome Exupery as he answers the door to Peter Annaud who arrives sporting a huge boner in his shorts.

Jerome ushers Peter into the living room where Sven Basquiat who is already naked is at his laptop chatting to his online fans.

As Peter moves closer Sven grabs his big thick dick through the fabric of his shorts.

Immediately Peter drops his shorts and shows off his big thick uncut dick as Sven grabs him around the waist and pulls him in before Sven and he, compare their cock sizes.

Sven drops to his knees and sucks Peter’s massive uncut cock right to the back of his throat, till his balls are on his lips.

As Peter power fucks Sven’s mouth, we see his amazing rippling abs.

Then Sven moves to sit on a wireframed designer chair with both his legs up in the air giving Peter full access to his hot asshole.

Peter doesn’t disappoint forcing his huge erect dick deep into Sven’s ass whilst kissing his sweet lips.

Now standing Peter enters Sven from behind and Sven presses his hole down onto Peter’s rampant raw dick.

The rocket force ass fucking proves too much for Sven who blows his load dripping cum all down his hands as he continues to jerk his cock.

Peter then sucks him dry, and finally enters his ass again pummeling it until he is ready to blow.

With seconds to go Peter pulls out and showers Sven’s face and tongue with his hot jizz load, Sven swallows every drop and the sexy boys end with a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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