Kieran Benning, Derek Caravaggio

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Derek Caravaggio wanders naked into the kitchen where Kieran Benning wrapped in just a towel is bored.

Derek wanders over to the refrigerator and brings out a can of whipped cream and begins spraying it across his chest.

Kieran attempts to lick it all off before the sexy boys start making out, kissing each other with a passionate streak.

As Kieran smothers Derek’s body with cream-covered kisses, he makes his way down to his big soft uncut dick where he douses it with cream and then proceeds to suck it clean.

Derek’s dick jumps to a raging hardon at just the slightest touch from Kieran’s tongue and he sucks it down hard, gagging as it hits the back of his throat.

As he is blowing Dereks’ huge thick uncut cock he’s jerking his own dick to a full erection.

Derek then returns the favor swallowing the whole of Kieran’s hard cock till his lips are on his hairy balls.

Kieran face fucks Derek, holding the back of his head, to make sure he takes his huge long dick all the way down his throat.

Derek bends over the countertop as Kieran parts his bubble butt ass cheeks with both hands planting his tongue deep within his hot hole.

He rims his hairy asshole licking his ass crack and getting it all lubed up for his big thick dick.

Then without warning Kieran forces his erect cock into Derek’s hole in long strong strokes all the way in to the hilt and back out till the tip of his cock is just inside.

Derek moans loudly as he feels every inch of Kieran’s fat dick moving inside him and he wanks his own cock hard.

They switch up positions again and again with Derek’s hole taking a pummeling from all directions until both are hot and sweaty.

Kieran then pulls out and fires a huge cum load all over Derek’s ass before fucking his jizz back inside, while Derek jerks himself to orgasm spraying a volley of cumshots all over his ripped abs.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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