Active Duty

Active Duty Favorites: Top 10 Of The 2000’s

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Enjoy this top 10 selection from your favorite Active Duty scenes from the 2000’s!</br></br><b>00:07</b> – <a href=’–Jake/69912′>Cheyenne & Jake</a><br /><b>04:16</b> – <a href=’–The-Twins/70091′>Kaden, Kasey & The Twins</a><br /><b>08:29</b> – <a href=’–Thomas/70159′>Damien, Kaden, Randy & Thomas</a><br /><b>14:24</b> – <a href=’–Spencer/70108′>Brent, Chaz, Cole, Kaden & Spencer</a><br /><b>19:53</b> – <a href=’–Reese/70112′>Brock, Cole, Domenic, Kasey & Reese</a><br /><b>25:24</b> – <a href=’–Kaden/70444′>Brian & Kaden</a><br /><b>30:57</b> – <a href=’–Swedish/69933′> Cole, Shane & Swedish</a><br /><b>35:00</b> – <a href=’–Kaden/70160′>Cash & Kaden</a><br /><b>38:08</b> – <a href=’–Kody/69963′>Cole, Dean & Kody</a><br /><b>41:59</b> – <a href=’–Thomas/70441′>Kaden & Thomas</a><br />

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