Active Duty Favorites: Best Of Quentin Gainz – Sawyer and Markie More and Quentin Gainz and Dominic and Ivan James and Guy Houston and Levi II and Colton Phobos and Ryan Jordan and Princeton Price and Jason III and Billie Starz and Rix and Elye Black and Damien Nichols and Alex Michaels and Laith Inkley and Kevin Texas

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Tremendous compilation with prime time trooper Quentin Gainz. This member of the army of buttfuck is envied by even the generals. Watch this top-secret intel with his best solo, duo and group scenes in the files of the Active Duty archives.<br></br><b>0:04</b> – <a href=’′>Quentin</a><br /><b>1:30</b> – <a href=’–Ryan-Jordan/129681′>Alex, Quentin Gainz & Ryan Jordan</a><br /><b>2:49</b> – <a href=’–Damien-Nichols/126642′>Billie Starz, Quentin Gainz & Damien Nichols</a><br /><b>4:22</b> – <a href=’–Quentin/78661′>Dominic, Sawyer & Quentin</a><br /><b>7:27</b> – <a href=’–Quentin-Gainz/81031′>Guy Houston & Quentin Gainz</a><br /><b>9:20</b> – <a href=’–Levi/81112′>Ivan James, Quentin Gainz & Levi</a><br /><b>13:50</b> – <a href=’–Quentin-Gainz/134635′>Kevin Texas & Quentin Gainz</a><br /><b>16:50</b> – <a href=’–Quentin/78026′>Markie More & Quentin</a><br /><b>21:04</b> – <a href=’′>Quentin Gainz</a><br /><b>24:50</b> – <a href=’–Elye-Black/132415′>Quentin Gainz & Elye Black</a><br /><b>27:40</b> – <a href=’–Colton-Phobos/117540′>Quentin Gainz, Ivan James & Colton Phobos</a><br /><b>29:13</b> – <a href=’–Jason/118905′>Quentin Gainz & Jason</a><br /><b>31:15</b> – <a href=’–Quentin-Gainz/121075′>Princeton Price & Quentin Gainz</a><br /><b>32:35</b> – <a href=’–Ryan-Jordan/128496′>Quentin Gainz & Ryan Jordan</a><br /><b>37:39</b> – <a href=’–Princeton-Price/133294′>Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan & Princeton Price</a><br /><b>39:25</b> – <a href=’–Quentin-Gainz/125522′>Rix & Quentin Gainz</a><br /><b>48:50</b> – <a href=’–Laith-Inkley/131938′>Quentin Gainz & Laith Inkley</a><br />

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