Prickly Encounters – Francoise Delano and Andi Gershon

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When saw sex, lean, & handsome Francoise Delano outside with his big uncut cock hauled out of his briefs, they stopped dead in their tracks and so did equally hot and just as horny Andy Garson. Andy opens his shorts and hauls out his own unclipped throbber, drops to his knees and eventually works the big slab that is Francoise’s dick down his hungry throat. When Francoise has had his fill of Andy playing tonsil hockey, he picks his friend up, spins him around, bends him over and impales his hard cock up Andy’s tight, round ass. When his balls are slapping back and forth on Andi’s, he flips his friend again, this time on his back, and resumes the furious fucking, adding his tongue down Andi’s throat to be connected with at both ends. This one-two punch sent them both over the edge with Andi busting a nut all over his belly and Francoise pulling out, pushing Andi back onto his knees and giving Andi’s sexy face a powerful protein facial!

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