Jimmy Durano, Seven Dixon

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Big muscle guy Seven Dixon makes out with massive muscle guy Jimmy Durano as they stand naked together.

Seven in just his high top sneakers kneels in front of Jimmy sucking down hard on his huge thick cock.

He’s excited at the thought of getting his ass fucked by Jimmy. Jimmy’s big dick is spit-lubed and super erect waiting to fuck his big muscle buddy.

Jimmy turns Seven around getting his tongue deep between his tight muscled ass cheeks going in deep into his hot hole.

Seven relaxes as Jimmy thrusts his hard dick deep into his bubble butt asshole.

Seven lays back for the next round so he can watch this muscular stud pound his horny hole.

Jimmy gives it to him hard and fasts until both men are ready to pump out big loads.

Nothing like seeing two massive muscle studs drenched in hot cum.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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